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If you are a brand, business, event organiser or looking for amazing talent, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Power People

People make the world a better place. Great people that is.

We have a knack for finding people who do incredible things. Whether it’s saving lives, sharing furry friends like a cat or deer or being a relatable parent – we’re the experts in finding the right people to suit your brand or business influencer needs.

Our expertise stems from being an influencer ourselves. We know what brands want, but also understand the needs of influencers and digital content creators.

It’s this unique expertise and balance which allows us to cater for every need.

Power Pets

Animals are proven to increase our happiness. And if you ask most social media users what they love most, it usually has a furry cat, dog or other pet linked to it.

We know what pets want because we are pet owners ourselves. And we love all animals, big and small.

We also recognise that animals play an important role for people and we want to spread that positive benefit far and wide.

Woof, meow and everything else in between.


animal pals to choose from


Our Services

For Influencers

An agency with a difference. We know what brands want but also what influencers and digital content creators need.

For Marketers

We deliver connected consumer experiences to the engaged and cultivated audiences of our Power People.

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