Power Pets

Animals bring a smile to our everyday life, can insert happiness to those needing an uplift or can add a new form of cheekiness to love or loathe. 

Power Pets is our animal influencer marketing agency. We cover a wide range of pets. Not the usual cat and dog you’d expect to see from down the road. There’s a beach cat that likes to swim in the ocean, a groovy hound named Squid the Griff and even an adorable pet deer.

Over 40 Power Pets to choose from

Pets are a great mix for your next marketing campaign or event.

Our furry friends and pals have a combined reach of more than 5 million people across Facebook and Instagram alone.

The engagement rate of pets is also considerably higher than what their human counterparts can deliver at times.

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit our official Power Pets website.