Holley Somerville-Knott

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THE ECO-WARRIOR: Founder of ‘Tell Someone Who Cares’, Social Advocate, Environmentalist, Reforest Campaigner, Mental Health Activist, Slam Poet & Eco-Enthusiast

Holley Somerville-Knott is literally cleaning up the environment. Founder of social enterprise and advocacy business, ‘Tell Someone Who Cares’ (TSWC), Holly is dedicated to disrupting the palm oil industry with her alternative coconut skincare products. Substituting palm oil for illipe seeds, her ‘Soap that Saves Rainforests!’ skincare line is universally-friendly and created to protect Borneo’s rainforests, wildlife, animals and humankind. Every soap purchase helps to regenerate forestry, promote fair trade rights and protect endangered wildlife – oh, and did we forget to mention – Holley is just 15 years old?!

Holley’s determination to reforest animal habitation and bushlands has seen Holley evolve her brand into an inspiring movement – ‘BE the Solution!’ – which helps raise awareness around orangutan adoption, charitable merchandise and ‘Rainforest Action Day’.

A regular guest speaker for major organisations, events and conferences, Holley has been awarded accolades for her advocacy, making TV and media appearances across the world. Whether Holley’s promoting mental health advocacy, performing slam poetry or presenting activism to thousands of eco-enthusiasts – Holley is changing the world, one soap bar at a time.